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GHF Fitness Challenge 

Welcome! The GHF Fitness Challenge is a new and exciting way to get the personal guidance, motivation, and rewards you need to reach your full fitness potential. Right now, you have an opportunity to win thousands of dollars in prizes, including a 7-day Caribbean Cruise for two. And as you take that opportunity, you can begin achieving all your personal fitness goals to look, feel, and perform at your very best!

Please read this page carefully as well as the pages linked to the right. They will tell you exactly how to get started with this exciting contest while you take steps towards becoming a fitter you. A note of encouragement: Everyone who enters has an equal chance of winning, regardless of fitness level, just as everyone, no matter how fit or how out of shape, can make significant improvements in their health and how they look and feel.

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What makes this contest unique?

  1. Becoming a fitter you is the point of the contest. Applicants are judged on overall improved health (e.g., strength, cholesterol levels, etc.) and how well they articulate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, not just on improved appearance! And you are not required to purchase anything (i.e. supplements).
  2. You're not in this alone. We'll help you every step of the way. GHF's team of experts will personally develop a program that's right for you, answer all your questions, and provide the motivation and necessary tools (fitness tracking software, etc.) to keep you moving toward your goals.
  3. Entry is open only to GHF members and is free.

It doesn't matter whether you're 21 or 65, male or female, thin and want to gain muscle or overweight and want to get lean; whether you have a special limitation or are a competitive athlete--no matter who you are and what your current condition, this is your chance to improve your health, get fit, and be recognized and rewarded for your accomplishments!

The contest guidelines are straightforward:

Now let's get started. You're about to discover what you're really capable of!

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Need motivation? Click here to take a look at last years GHF Fitness Challenge winners, Gary Sarchet and Brent Van Pelt. And to view the before and after photos and essay of Tami Sandmeyer, our 1999 winner, please click here. For additional inspiration, please check out the "on-line photo album" of our First Place Caribbean Cruise with Tami and her husband, Steve. We had an incredible time and hope these 40 photos help to motivate you to enter this years GHF Fitness Challenge! And for more than 600 Success Stories of GHF members – people just like you – click here.

And if you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to e-mail us at We're very eager to help you get started on your own 12-week fitness contest!

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